Thursday, 22 June 2017

Swinging in the Choir

One of the additional eleven poems added to the new edition of Outrageous Poems published today:

Swinging in the choir

(A fictional choir of course)

The swinging began
When the choir went on tour,
Each Soprano and Alto
Already a whore
When we sang for the Pope
In Rome.

Father McCarthy
Was at it a lot.
We found he was both
A sod and a sot.
With no altar-boys,
Every Tenor he tried.
With respect for the cloth
Each one complied
And welcomed him into
The fold.  

As we headed for home
We swore to stay mum,
But never forsake
What we had begun.

Choir swings every week
On each Thursday night
Leaving our spouses
At home.

Avoiding attachment,
It’s best, so we found,
To constantly pass
The partners around.
We hope to continue,
For swinging is fun,
For ever and ever,

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