Friday, 6 February 2015

The Soldier's Peace

Remembering an unsung hero of the War of Independence (1918 to 1921) and the Civil War (1922).

The terrible deeds of the soldier
Haunt his peaceful days.
His war is never over;
Inside his demons rage.

O, trigger not his anger
With a glance or sly remark.
Tread softly, softly, round him,
Lest you that anger spark.

He fought for Ireland's glory
And now must face each day
In toil upon the rocks of Bawn,
As his dream ebbs, ebbs, away.

He thought that Independence
Would bring a Golden Age,
Not poverty and depression,
As the golden image fades.

And he sees each day the faces
Of men whose life he took
In pursuance of a shibboleth
His one-time friends forsook.

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