Monday, 3 November 2014

Spare a Thought for Wriggly Worms



Spare a thought for wriggly worms
Round your garden creeping.
Remember, friend, that when you dig,
You leave worm widows weeping.

They are friendly little things.
They do not sting or bite you.
In fact, indeed, I cannot think
Of any harm they might do.

But they do a lot of good,
If you leave them to it.
They will dig your plot for you,
As they tunnel through it.

But do you give them half a chance?
Indeed, I see you do not.
You gardening enthusiasts
Are, indeed, a cruel lot.

You wield your spades with energy;
You chop and lacerate them.
You do not seem to care a whit
To what woes you fate them.

Please spare a thought for wriggly worms
Through the soft soil snaking;
Think a while, before you smile,
Of the happy homes your breaking.

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