Enda Never Came

Enda never came to fix my door.
Enda never came to sweep my floor.
He spends his time in the fecking Dáil
And doesn’t look after me at all.

My roof is leaking; the rain pours in.
Enda doesn’t care if I sink or swim.
There’s a man at the door who is quite a dote:
“What do I get, if you get my vote?”

They talk about money and they talk about law.
All day long they go jaw, jaw, jaw.
They love to argue and disagree:
What have they ever done for me?

What have they done for Ireland’s youth?
They’ve done feck all, and that’s the truth.
They hang around with nothing to do:
They might as well be monkeys in the zoo.

We got to get rid of all them up there.
We need a government that will really care:
Look after the people; give us more dole,
Return the money the bankers stole.

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