Additional Poems

Outrageous  Poems: eleven additional poems added to the the third edition, June 2017:

Writing About You

When I put you in my writing, 
Let's be clear.
Out there, you are you;
Not in here ...

Colm Cille at Loch Ness

At a contest between Donegal and Meath, 
The saint prayed, "Let Donegal succeed."
He should have prayed, "Thy Will be done."
His prayer rose not to Christ, but Krumm ...

Raftery, the Poet

He was naught, but a blind beggar poet, 
Cadging a drink when he could,
Getting pennies for performing his verses,
Groping drunkenly at girls in the pub ...

Brian Boru's Feasting

The feasting at Kincora,
In the court of Brian Boru,
Was lavish in its splendour
And splendid through and through ...

Krunchie and Melania

Have you seen Melania?
Wherever is she gone,
With her yellow hair a flying
And her glitzy jumpsuit on ...

Woman's Desire

I am the opposite of woman's desire.
I sit and I belch by the fire.
    I'm scornful when questioned,
    Defensive, resentful,
But, at least, I am not a liar ...

Under this hard Headstone

Under this hard headstone
A grim, fat monster lies,
In death, as in life,
Universally despised ...


Hey, did you hear
Grandad and his gang
Raid the orchard --
To leave
Half their loot
Half-eaten on the ground ...

The Rowan at Autumn

Oh, Ellie Rowan,
Half-naked now, 
Your limbs show through
Your scarlet gown ..,

Swinging in the Choir

The swinging began
When the choir went on tour,
Each Soprano and Alto
Already a whore
When we sang for the Pope 
In Rome ...

My last glass of Wine

I remember my last
Glass of wine, 
Fulsome, flavoursome,

Staring Eyes

I have the staring eyes
    And grim expression
Of a true-born saint ...

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